About Us

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kim Del Campo and I am a board-certified Nurse Practitioner. Before I opened Fluid Health, I was working in a primary care setting. I was about 40lbs overweight and most diets/pills/snake oil never worked. One day, a drug representative came into the clinic with samples of Wegovy that had recently been approved for weight loss. I was skeptical, because it felt like I had tried everything in the book. Once starting, I noticed my cravings for sugar and carbs had almost completely diminished. After about 6 months, I had lost all of the 40lbs I had been struggling to get off. The weight loss was noticeable, and my primary care patients were asking for Wegovy after seeing my results. I attempted to prescribe this to them over and over again, however, insurance companies sure resisted paying for it. I was seeing patients pay 1500k+ per month for this medication! That is when I knew I could do this better. I wanted to help people feel their best. I wanted to make a difference. So, I quit my full-time job to offer custom weight loss to those that want real results with a passionate and competent provider. Let me help you get to feeling your best! I surely look forward to it.